SelectCare Pre-Paid IT Services

Whether you’re a business owner or an IT Manager, SelectCare takes away the worry of where to find trusted IT support. Easy access to our highly-skilled IT professionals gives you the confidence that support can be accessed whenever you need it.

Perfect for businesses without IT expertise, or IT Managers with resourcing challenges, SelectCare is a cost-effective package where time is purchased in blocks of hours or days, discounted based on the quantity and level of technical skills required.

Why use SelectCare?

Highly skilled IT professionals provide:

  • Ad-hoc remote and on-site IT support
  • IT project management and deployment
  • Desktop installs and set-ups
  • Holiday and sickness cover for your in-house IT people
  • Escalations of complex IT issues from your IT Manager/teams
  • Network and Server health checks

How it works

  • You choose and pre-pay for an amount of SelectCare time (the more you buy the higher the discount)
  • You simply call or email us with your requirements and we will allocate one of our IT professionals to work with you.
  • You will receive regular automated reports with a full breakdown of usage.