Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring, they say prevention is always better than cure!

By closely monitoring your systems we can avoid problems through early intervention, saving you time and money.

We utilise industry-leading remote monitoring and management systems at the heart of all our managed support services. This enables us to access, monitor, manage, upgrade and fix systems remotely.

Nothing goes unnoticed. Critical systems are monitored on a 24/7 basis. When an issue is identified, alerts are automatically sent to our Help Desk for resolution.

Proactive monitoring collects data and feeds it back to our HQ in real time, including.

  • Internet connectivity
  • Critical Windows services
  • Back-up status
  • AV status
  • Disk usage thresholds
  • CPU/memory utilisation
  • Exchange database sizes
  • Server hardware faults, HDD, power, fans and processors.

Proactive monitoring ensures that your services, are fast, efficient and up to date at all times.

As part of the service we provide regular monthly / quarterly reports, security analysis, all to maximise the ROI for your business. The key is for us to work with our customers in complete partnership by understanding the future direction of your business ultimately has an impact.

An insight into the future.

Avoiding downtime has to be every business owners number one priority as there is so much reliance on technology these days simply losing the email server for an hour of downtime can have real detrimental effects on business operations.

Our team is constantly working on new and better ways to keep our clients infrastructures running at optimum performance – so you can get on with running your business.

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Are your servers being monitored correctly right now?

Why not give us a call today to find out more on securing your business and ensuring maximum uptime and productivity is achieved at all times.