IT support available 24 /7

IT Support 24/7

IT Support for a cost effective and flexible approach to emergency out-of-hours service, our 24/7 is available to complement our standard managed services package.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t outsource our 24/7 service and by retaining ownership and control in-house, we can ensure its quality. To provide the best emergency service possible, out-of-hours calls are routed directly to our Senior Engineers who can troubleshoot and resolve the issues without costly delays.

  • You deal with the same experts you trust and regularly work with.
  • Our engineers know your business and your systems, and can troubleshoot logically and effectively.
  • Our experts provide a reassuring first point of contact so you benefit from their knowledge and experience straight away.

IT Support, putting people first.

If you’re looking for a partner to deliver outstanding IT support, what should you expect? At Select Technology, it’s a question we’ve spend 20 years answering.

You’d definitely expect us to be passionate about technology and the difference it can make (and we are). You’d demand technical expertise, and strategic thinking to maximise your investments (and we have that in spades). But there’s another reason we’re on course to be the leading provider of IT support to companies across the South East. Because we’ve learned what really matters, and how to deliver it: exceptional customer service.

We never forget that IT is ultimately about our people support your people. Consider our leading 15 min response. Because when you cant work, you need help fast. Technology that’s available, and protected? your productivity depends on it.

Recoverability? because your business might one day rely on it.

This focus on our clients’ needs makes life simpler for everyone. It defines our core values, from our belief in trust to our desire to exceed expectations. It shapes our culture, one of the respect and reward. And it even defines our future, where change and innovation is judged by its values to our clients.

Does your organisation need 24/7 support, please call 01892 830111 or fill out our contact form here and we’ll call you straight back.