Cloud Desktop

 Cloud Desktop

Cloud desktop solutions from Select Technology provide easy access to all your applications and data via a wide range of internet connected devices, so you and your employees can gain easy access to applications you need to do your jobs.

The Select Technology Cloud desktop solution provides a bespoke and managed solution for each of our clients.

You get your own server which provides access to each employee’s Cloud desktop and their applications all running on the latest Microsoft remote desktop services technology. Unlike our competitors’ commodity solutions, we can host any application you’d like to access remotely.

Our Cloud desktop solution offers endless benefits and with a straightforward per user, application billing model, there is never a better time to review your business case for cloud adoption.

When considering the transition to a Cloud desktop solution, it is important to take an educated and considered approach. By understanding your organisation and its objectives, we can guide you to the most effective subscription level whilst considering operability with any other third party or line of business applications.

Cloud Desktop becomes more accessible as network and internet connectivity improves.

Five years ago many SME businesses were restricted from adopting full cloud solutions due the poor connectivity not just in rural areas but also many industrial estates. Internet connectivity has become more accessible and just as important more costs effective. Which opens the door to more efficient operations, as mentioned above the costs of owning dedicated cloud servers and desktops has come down in recent times.

This is great news for SME business who really want to invest in technology. We are only a phone call away and would be happy to discuss cloud options for your business, we have a full team of project consultants that are on hand to help you out in theses situations.

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