Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity solutions should be the key focus for your organisation.

Whether using tape, disk or the cloud, traditional backups can be expensive, unreliable, and slow to recover from.

Do you know how your back-up would perform in an emergency?

Worryingly, many businesses have never conducted IT Disaster Recovery tests, simply making the bold assumption that their back-ups will work when they most need them.

Although seeking to achieve the same outcome of protecting your company, business continuity represents a very different mentality when it comes to protecting your business.

A traditional back-up should answer the question, is my data safe and can I get it back in case of a failure?

Business continuity, however, involves considering the business at a higher level, and asks the most important question:

How quickly can I get my business operating again after a failure?

Business continuity solutions ensure that both back-up and recovery are fast and seamless – protecting your business and enabling it to keep working, regardless of a server failure or total loss of service.

Our Business Continuity Solutions combine on-premises and Cloud platforms, a hybrid providing complete peace of mind, with:

  • Dramatically reduced downtime – instant virtualisation technology creates a virtual version of failed server(s) onsite or in the Cloud.
  • Efficient storage of back-ups – using incremental backups to create a full back-up file for efficient data transmission and storage utilisation.
  • Recovery confidence – your systems are ready to be recovered, with verified back-ups

We carry out regular disaster recovery testing for many of our clients large and small which gives them complete peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that their business will be okay in the event of a disaster.

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