Server Monitoring Services

Integral UK Ltd is the largest independently owned mechanical, electrical and fabric property maintenance business in the UK, providing both planned preventative and reactive maintenance to over 1,600 clients in 40,000 locations.

server monitoring

With a reputation for delivering engineering excellence and a strong partnership culture, they provide a range of maintenance solutions individually tailored to suit their client’s needs. Their regional infrastructure of 19 ofices allows them to maintain control of the business and ensure quality of service. Unlike many of their competitors, they are a national specialist in planned and responsive maintenance and all these services are based on ‘self-delivery’, which means that they employ only the best, fully qualified in-house technicians and engineers to maintain quality standards.

With nearly 2,000 technicians and engineers, they operate one of the largest national mobile maintenance fleets – an engineer in every postcode – enabling them to focus on first-time fix and a quick and efficient response.

With Integral UK’s 26 office locations, the IT team was frustrated with a lack of visibility and control of their IT assets, and required a more proactive approach that would enable them to address issues before being inundated from calls from angry users. They wanted to receive an alert immediately any server issue materialised and have the ability to manage assets and take control of their IT estate no matter the device location, able to provide remotely support for their users.

A comprehensive IT Infrastructure audit revealed that there was no centralised pro-active server monitoring of their 70+-physical server estate. Ad-hoc issues such as hard disk, power supply and memory failures were dealt with reactively – putting the IT department constantly on the back foot.

We implemented our server monitoring service, collaborating with Integral’s IT team to agree and define client specific thresholds to suit the business environment. With our proactive monitoring services, covering server components such as hardware, we reduce the risk of outages and downtime within the IT Infrastructure. Instant alerting reports on server hardware components give the IT team greater awareness and ability to minimise downtime and business disruption.

Our proactive server monitoring service includes:

  • Online/Offline Server/Site Checks
  • Daily backup checks
  • Windows services
  • Low Disk space
  • Antivirus Definition Check
  • Hardware status (hard drive, power supply, temperature thresholds)
  • CPU Utilisation
  • Memory Utilisation
  • MS Exchange Health

“My team is no longer working on the back foot. As soon as an alert arrives proactive action can be taken, reducing down time and risk to the business. As a result we’ve experienced a significant drop in support calls and are a freeing up time to focus our efforts of more productive projects that impact on the success of the business.”
Mick Williams – IT Manager – Website