Disaster Recovery as a Service

Toolbank is one of Europe’s leading specialist distributors of Hand and Power Tools, in association with many of the leading independent DIY retailers and the world’s leading manufacturers.

Disaster recovery service

IT manager Chris Ledson answers some important questions behind the requirements and experience in dealing with Select Technology on this project.

First and foremost Toolbank run 24 hour e-commerce operations so this had to be planned with military precision to ensure that minimal downtime and zero impact for their customers.

We asked Chris a few questions post project:


What was the main driving force behind your requirements?


The main providers of a cloud-based disaster recovery service were inflexible to implement the Cisco Mobile IP solution. Their alternative solutions would have resulted in complicating our own network design without fully delivering what was required.

The Cisco Mobile IP allows us to seamlessly runs servers at different geographic locations as if they were connected together on the same local network. Select were able to fully understand our requirements and accommodate the Cisco Mobile IP solution without any problems or major issues whatsoever.


Why did you choose select Technology?


We approached Select as we already had a working relationship with them for server hardware. Select had already established strong business relationships with Custodian at the Maidstone data centre and as such building on this relationship enabled us to proceed to our end goal in an efficient and professional manner.


How influential were Select Technology in their recommendations?


The solution was provided as a fully managed service based around an outline of requirements. Their hardware and software recommendations, implementation and configuration was of the highest standard.


Could you give a brief summary of the overall experience dealing with sales through to project implementation?


We have an excellent working relationship with Select their sales force to the support desk, their flexibility with our DR solution was extremely valuable and their understanding of our processes and what we have both achieved has been of the highest level…

As you can tell Tool Bank are just one of many of our satisfied customers who continue to benefit from continued growth and peace of mind that their systems are fully protected.

We run regular disaster recovery service tests on the systems to ensure that if that unfortunate event ever occurs there will be seamless switch over and minimal disruption to business operations.

To find out more about Toolbank, visit their website at www.toolbank.com

To find out more about how Select Technology can help with your disaster recovery solutions please call the team on: 01892 830 110