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What Can We Learn from Google Blocking the NHS?

Over the past 24 hours it was revealed that Google has been blocking access to NHS IP addresses.


Yesterday The Register gained access to an internal email from the NHS’s IT department which shows how Google has inadvertently identified our health service as some kind of botnet cyber-attack.

The email recommends that users rely on another search engine such as Bing due to the fact that many doctors and GPs rely heavily on online searches for information.

It Wasn’t Us!

The only comment that Google has released is to say, “It is not correct to say we have blocked the entire NHS network.”

Nevertheless, NHS Trusts across the country are continuing to suffer from limited Google access.

A spokesperson from NHS Digital had this to add to the story: “We are aware of the current issue concerning NHS IP addresses which occasionally results in users being directed to a simple verification form when accessing Google. This would appear to be due to the high number of people using our systems and trying to access Google at peak times. We are currently in discussion with Google as to how we can help them to resolve the issue.”

The Harder They Fall…

The NHS employs around 1.2 million people, making it one of the largest employers on the planet.

It is clear that Google has mistaken the high volume of NHS users for an automated attack on its systems, so it will be interesting to see how quickly this issue can be resolved.

Google blocking the NHS might seem inconsequential to your business, but combined with half a billion emails accidentally sent in 75 minutes within the NHS this week, shows that even the biggest organisations can fall prey to IT bamboozlement.

If there is a lesson to be learnt from all of this, it is that we’re all on a level playing field; even the biggest and brightest stars are entirely fallible.

Your organisation is no different.

Where is your IT setup falling short?

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