About us

Select Technology is a leading IT support and solutions provider in Kent using their expertise to help customers across the county.

Our staff are passionate about technology and how it can help businesses.  This passion, combined with great all round customer service, is why we continue to enjoy continued growth and success.

We’re proud of our long-term relationships with our clients, as they show that our aims – to deliver reliable and effective IT support – work for them. Our commitment to providing IT solutions that work often exceeds our clients’ expectations, and ensures maximum return on investment. This straightforward commitment has shaped our approach to IT support since we started in 1994, which is why we’re now one of Kent’s largest and most trusted IT support and solutions providers.

Whether you’re dealing with a member of our Technical Services team, an Account Manager or a Solution Consultant, you can expect the same consistently high level of service from people who care and are committed to your needs.

Our Core Values

From day one our business has been subtly growing on a core set of values that represents the business we are today.

Since inception in 1994. Those values have not been openly discussed or officially documented.  Unconsciously our team of people have always known what it takes to deliver complex knowledge, simply and effectively.

We want to continue to be a business that we can all be proud of and we think the best way to achieve this is by being open with the values that we believe are at the heart of how we work.

Passion For Customers


Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We build enduring and trusted relationships through integrity, communication and empathy.

Team Work

Icons 2

We provide an enjoyable and rewarding culture where like-minded people can thrive. We respect, help and value each other, while having a shared motivation to succeed.

Exceptional Service

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We constantly challenge ourselves and each other to excel at all times, exceeding expectations and delivering an unrivalled service.


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We never accept the status quo, and our desire for success drives the continued evolution of our service.