IT Project Management

IT Project Management

IT Project Management, getting expert advice from our projects team can mitigate risks, drive efficiencies and identify opportunities.

You need advice. Perhaps your business is expanding, your concerned about security, or you’re fed with an ageing flaky network. Or maybe you’re further down the track, and have identified the technology that could help – but just want to know if it will work for your business.

Whatever your circumstances, Select Technology’s team of Project Consultants is on hand to offer clear, actionable advice. Led by Projects Manager Scott Relf, the team’s expertise spans technologies including Microsoft infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Virtualisation and Networking.

IT Project Management ensures continuity and a seamless implementation

The process begins with a consultation in which we’ll discuss the business problems or opportunity you face. We’ll then draw up up plan to show you the ways in which technology could help, and describe how it could be implemented.

There’s no hard sell at Select technology, simply clear, down-to-earth help from the experts in the field. And if you’re happy with our recommendations then work will begin, all led by Scott and his team. In this way we ensure continuity and a seamless implementation.

In Scott’s own words he is determined to deliver a quality of service unrivalled by our competitors which is only made possible by the extraordinary expertise and skillsets of the team.

What type of projects do we cover?

No project is too small. We can deal with small scale Microsoft Office 365 cloud migrations up-to full infrastructure refresh rebuilding networks from the ground up, Virtualising server environments, and Co-location.

In recent months we have designed and build huge extended networks from our long term clients due to rapid growth within their industry. Select Technology fully integrated during the initial stages working from blueprint drawings advising network layout, security and WiFi systems. You can find out a little more about projects here.

Select Technology have also worked with a number of larger clients to assist with large scale cloud migration supporting the CIO and in house teams ultimately providing burst capacity required adding an extra layer of comfort during these sometimes stressful situations.

If you need advise on a project then please call us today on 01892 830111 or fill out the form below and we’ll come straight back to you.

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration, what are the benefits?

At Select Technology we are often asked by clients: What are the real benefits of moving to Office 365?

Clients with on-premise email servers (such as Microsoft Exchange server) who have invested in hardware and software licensing to host the email in their data centre often struggle to see benefit of moving away from something they have already paid for and used without any issues!

It’s easy to overlook the overheads of managing and hosting Exchange on-premise. These include hardware running costs like power, cooling, warranties, backups, and maintenance.

Office 365 Migration: Is Your Data Safe?

Many IT teams who maintain their email server online are responsible for ongoing management, maintenance, and up-time.

The time spent here often forces IT teams to avoid taking on other IT projects just in order to keep the business email system up and running. You not only have to consider the cost of running email smoothly; you also need to consider disaster recovery costs.

So how exactly does Office 365 address the above concerns?

Is your data safe?

What exactly are the real benefits of moving to Office 365?

Up-to-Date Email System on Resilient Hardware

Moving to Office 365 removes the need for you to invest in the hardware and software to maintain an email system.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about patch management of your environment because Microsoft takes care of that as part of your subscription.

office 365 migration

Microsoft guarantees 99.9% up-time. Office 365 provides very flexible scalability without having to worry about resource capacity if you are hosting the email on premise.

Seamless Integration With Your Existing Software

Customers are often worried that moving to office 365 will change the way users currently use their PCs.

Office 365 provides seamless integrations with existing Microsoft products like Outlook, Word, Excel etc. In fact, Office 365 enhances their experience by providing Office web apps which can be used on the go.

Basically, the end user experience remains the same with little disruption if any!

Office On the Go

An Office 365 migration enables you to have a truly mobile experience.

You can access your email anywhere and at any time. Using Office Web Apps and One Drive enables users to access and work on their files on the move.

Skype for Business enables customers work closely with teams even if they are out of the office.

Most Office 365 subscriptions let you download the latest copy of the Office on up to five devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Collaboration and Communication With Your Partners

Many businesses these days need to share information with their partners and other companies.

Office 365 lets you create and share information and files using password-protected portals. It provides you with a single place for document management regardless of how many people are working on them.


Data security is top of everyone’s list of priorities.

Security is a top priority in Microsoft data centres. Office 365 provides built-in Spam filters which scan your email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Microsoft not only provides data security but also physical security, as their data centres are certified to meet multiple industry standards.

office 365 migration

As you can see, there are many benefits for moving to Office 365. It couldn’t be simpler to implement, with our help you could be up and running in no time at all.

This post was written by our IT Project Consultant, Mantej Yadav. If you want to know more about Office 365 then drop us a line today.

IT outsourcing companies

IT outsourcing companies

IT outsourcing companies in Kent & London – how do you choose the right one?

First and foremost changing your IT support service provider shouldn’t be disruptive.

Select Technology has developed a comprehensive on boarding process to audit your current systems and plan a smooth transition.

We also take the opportunity to baseline your network in a security assessment.

Wait a moment, isn’t that what all IT service providers say?

That’s right, and when every other company is trying to shout louder just to be heard it all ends up being a lot of indecipherable noise.

Back to square one then…

This perpetual and painful loop continues for you until one day the pain of being with your current IT support service provider gets too much and you jump into a new partnership under pressure.

Then you quickly find out that that slick sales approach was, just a slick sales approach and you’re right back into that loop.

Sounds like Ground Hog Day…

IT outsourcing companies in Kent and London who’s walking the walk?

The mishap I mentioned above really doesn’t need to happen either as it’s my belief that there are many good IT outsourcing companies in Kent and London providing fantastic services.

So what happens when you find a good IT support company?

The old switcheroo…

Select Technology have invested a LOT of time making the switch over so simple and ridiculously pain free because first impressions last.

The bottom line is that your end users of technology should expect the same daily experience being able to access information and log help desk tickets in a fast and efficient manner with ZERO disruption.

We understand that.

If this means we have to redirect email because end users are used to emailing the helpdesk in a certain way then so be it, change can be daunting.

By planning around your business needs and anticipating Issues, we’ll ensure your first impression is as outstanding as your on-going customer service.

It’s all about the planning, including the little things. The little things have big impact! Especially if overlooked!

To find out if Select Technology really walk the walk then contact us TODAY and we might surprise you with an offer you cant refuse!

Walk this way…

IT Services Kent

IT Services Kent, how secure is your business?

Below is some really important information on staying safe and secure from Cyber threats…


Ransomware is a piece of malicious software designed to hold hostage a user’s files (such as photos, documents, and music) for ransom by encrypting them and demanding the company pay a fee (often in Bitcoin) to decrypt them.


Experts say that ransomware has a lot to do with exploitation of the human element – like employees, customers, and suppliers. Attackers have many ways to initiate an attack—everything from common advertising and phishing methods to sophisticated USB flash drive tactics.

The infections can begin when users click on links in phishing emails or if malicious ads or compromised sites redirect users to domains hosting exploit kits. Exploit kits can also be delivered via email attachments or infected USB flash drives.

When the exploit kit successfully exploits a system, it makes a call back to a ransomware drop host to retrieve the private keys needed to encrypt the endpoint. Most popular exploit kits have to resolve a domain name to an IP address to initiate the call back.


Deploying technology offerings and tools designed to combat ransomware alongside comprehensive company-wide strategies can go a long way in preventing – and in the worst case – mitigating a ransomware incident’s impact.

While ransomware is expected to net cybercriminals $1 billion this year, and its growth shows no signs of slowing down, organisations can still win with the right technology on their side.

Reduce your risk of ransomware starting with an evaluation of your existing security program if necessary, there are steps you can take to avoid having your data held hostage by cybercriminals.


We are working harder than ever to help tackle these ever present Cyber threats.

Some of our customers will already know that our new Prestige service is designed from the ground up with better security in mind, including everything from regular security auditing to Open DNS security helping to tackle these daily threats.


Unfortunately over the last 12-18 months we have seen more and more businesses affected which could have been prevented, all this comes at a cost whether that’s business downtime or financial investment.

Here’s a link to a Video called “Ransomware – Anatomy of an attack” we sent it out on social media recently, it’s just 4 mins long but really packs a punch: click the link to watch it now.

If you have any concerns about Ransomware or the general security of your network and systems then please do contact us today on : 01892 830110.