IT Outsourcing, how do we make it friendly?

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing, how do we make it friendly?

A few months on the school run I got three miles up the road when my daughter cries out;

“My phone, I’ve forgot my phone, turn around!”

My first thoughts were that she really didn’t need that phone, but she kicked up such a fuss telling me how she couldn’t go about her day without it, so I turned the car around.

I spent too much time later that day thinking how ridiculously my daughter had behaved about her phone.

I told myself that it wasn’t that long ago that none of us used mobile or had internet and how I could go without technology, no problem.

Then it happened…

I few weeks later I did the same thing and it hit me how much I thought I needed that phone and turned the car around again!

The point here is that you will miss it when IT’s gone. I’m not just talking about your mobile, I’m talking about your business applications, email, documents, etc.

I’m still shocked that a high number of small to medium businesses put little or very low priority on their IT systems.

I get the impression from some business owners that technology feels like a necessary evil and a costly pain which needn’t be the case.

IT Outsourcing is important, It’s no mistake that some of our most success clients prioritise technology at a much higher level.

Investing properly into technology has a number of benefits especially when things go wrong, and inevitably they will.

Having a strong focus and understanding of your technology, business critical applications and such, means that we can get you back on track faster and this is made easier if technology is up to date.

Avoiding technology will not make it go away.

Some of the biggest complaints is that IT is boring, unfriendly, geek-ish, complicated, the list goes on.


That doesn’t have to be the case anymore the IT technician is changing.

We find more and more quality people with the right technical skills, soft skills and empathy.

Just like the most successful companies investing in the quality of technology we invest heavily in our people to ensure our clients get the best out of IT Outsourcing.

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IT Support Kent

IT Support Kent

IT Support Kent, there are lots of IT companies in Kent but how do you choose the right one to support your organisation? Break out the Trumpet…

Below are a few snippets from some very happy customers new and old. These businesses have taken time out to write some fantastic reviews on Google for us.

We thought you should know what others are saying about Select Technology as it will hopefully help you make the right decision when choosing your new support provider. Each line is a different customer speaking about our services.

You can read the full reviews here and find out who is spreading the good news.

As IT Director of a leading Kent Law firm I was looking for a capable local IT support Select have grown into a helpful, capable and trustworthy IT support business led by a very passionate management team and an equally capable team of IT engineers.

The level of service, technical knowledge & customer service has always been top class.

No job is too small or large and requests are all dealt with in the same professional and timely manner and are followed up using a very efficient IT ticketing system.

Great service, professional, fast and efficient. Together we have implemented our IT infrastructure that is fit for purpose and in doing so it has allowed my business to grow rapidly.

As a small business, we don’t have the knowledge or time to manage our IT systems in-house.

We don’t have a great deal of contact with Select, which is how we like/want it! Our server, emails, anti-virus and backup are all managed in the background.

IT Support Kent, solutions delivered in plain English…

If we ever have a problem the support team are always on the end of the phone/email and are quick to reply to queries and resolve issues and are able to explain things in plain English.

Nothing is too much trouble and all of the support team are more than helpful however big or small the problem.

1 to 1 handling of inquiries ranging from Sales, Projects to Day to Day Support. Innovative and forward thinking, with the right approach to proactive preventive solutions.

We’ve been incredibly impressed by their fantastic service so far, and look forward for more to come in the future. Their friendly and knowledgeable engineers really make a difference.

Select Technology have been looking after our IT solutions for several year and are constantly making improvements and building in stability to our systems, we are in safe hands!

Very Impressed with the knowledge of the engineers and the helpfulness of the office staff.

As always feel free to drop us a line on 01890 830110 or fill out the contact form below and we will call you back.

Outsourced IT, what does that mean?

Outsourced IT

Outsourced IT, what does that mean?

Good Question!

When we talk about outsourcing here at Select Technology we are not referring to offshore outside of UK outsourcing.

We are referring to tailored outsourcing services utilising our very own service desk and our own employees all managed from our service desk here in Tonbridge, Kent.

Whether in part or in full, IT outsourcing requires a flexible and skilled service provider. Whatever your reasons for outsourcing, we provide a tailored service to meet your organisations unique requirements.

Remote IT Support

Some organisations outsource elements that are expensive and ineffective to run in-house, up to an including their entire Helpdesk function. With our extensive experience of common infrastructure technologies we are often better placed to deal with common tasks such as Microsoft infrastructure support. Our remote services can provide all Helpdesk functions, including 24×7 support if required.

Onsite Support

In other scenarios we provide dedicated technical staff onsite, integrated with your existing team. They’ll bring extensive and varied experience to the table, and will stay with you as long as required. And as Select Technology team members, they’re 100% committed to delivering a superior service.

Our outsourcing agreements can also include protection against traditional staff challenges such as unplanned absences, providing an essential continuity of service. We’ll tailor our service to meet your unique needs.

The Perfect Fit

Full or partial outsourced IT expertise for Helpdesk, skills infill and knowledge gaps. companies of 25 – 250+ would benefit from these services. We also have some example clients where Select Technology have 2-3 staff complimenting the in-house IT team, fully integrating in all areas.

This means that our client benefits from specific skill sets, has flexible bespoke services and burst capacity for their in-house team. Also we completely take the pain away from our clients when it comes to the recruitment process which in itself can be very time consuming.

Outsourced IT Case Studies

You will find relevant case studies here and here.

These are some highlights of this bespoke service and if you would like to find out more then please fill out the contact form below and we’ll get straight back to you or alternatively call us today on 01892 830111.

Questions are good, ask as many as possible we look forward to speaking to you soon.