Internet of things

Internet of things

How well connected are you?

We live in an exciting age where everything including your house could be classed as smart…

These days there’s no getting away from the fact that we are becoming more connected with technology.

Think about it…

Your Phone. Your Car. Your Watch. Buildings and Sensors everywhere!

Maybe even your wallet will become a smart device, reporting data 24/7 to the internet, cloud applications and such. (Apple Pay)?

If we were to paint a picture of constant data transfer it would indeed be very colourful.

I wonder how long it will take before we are all wearing Microchips reporting back to a health service of our well being in real-time?

Or chipped to unlock doors?

Wait that’s already happening read Here.

Why am I writing about the Internet Of Things?

Because it’s really important to understand that while the boundaries are endless, there’s a dark side to all of this and unfortunately there always will be that darker side!

In a business setting, watertight security has never been under more pressure than now.

Remember this is a time when we are supposed to be marvelling in the joys of technology.

If all we do is open the door to attack then we better be prepared…

Businesses are under increased pressure to provide flexible conditions which include remote working.

The fact is that lots of businesses also allow the use of personal devices and this works for some smaller businesses that prioritise keeping the costs down.

It’s easy to infect a device and as long as it’s a programme it can be manipulated, even if it’s your car or an implant in your hand. (read linked post above).

In order to win the battle we humans need to be smart, thinking and acting smart.

Select Technology provide annual security auditing of all things connected to your business network because we understand the importance of security.

There’s no question that we have made this service standard for our Prestige managed services clients because your security and success in business is our future.

If you want to find out more about our services especially the security of your business then please contact us today as we will be happy to advise.