A little unknown costly mistake you can avoid.



Metathesiophobia has a lot to answer for.

All through history it’s been responsible for bringing business’s to the brink of ruin.

Business owners have failed in the face of



Benjamin Franklin once spoke about this strange thing.

Anyone that’s ever had great success knows nothing of this.

It doesn’t even register in their mind,


What is Metathesiophobia?


Meta derives from the Greek word Meta’ which means to Change,


Phobos meaning ‘Fear’

Yes, it’s an irrational fear of change.

Staying in the comfort zone too much could have negative effects.

Here at Select Technology we understand that change can be, well…


That’s why we have made it as easy as possible to move on.

Becoming a customer of Select Technology has never been easier, our team of Microsoft certified professionals and their ‘Can do’ attitude means that you can switch over to our excellent managed service offerings without downtime or loss of service.

Whether you want us to;

  • Manage & Monitor your servers
  • Provide a fully outsourced Helpdesk
  • Take over the role of IT manager 
  • Compliment your current IT with 3rd line Support services

Select Technology is perfectly suited to help your business make that change for the better.

Our door is always open, we welcome you in for a coffee and a tour of the office, just drop us a line to let us know you’re coming and we’ll put the kettle on.

Easy as A. B. C.  (Always, Be, Changing?)

Whatever you choose to do, we look forward to speaking with you sometime in the near future.

Thats all from the Select Technology Team.













3 simple ways to capitalize on IT




To do.



  1. Talk to alternative providers.
  2. Test the market to see if you’re getting value for money.
  3. Tell us what’s important to your business.


Traditionally each year you get a new quote on car insurance to make sure you are getting value and good pricing, we feel it’s equally important that you test to see whether there are better options and savings on your IT support.

Time to drop us a line in your Tea break Today?

Thats all for now.

The Select Technology Team.


Technophobic farmer finds a cure for growing pains

Recently speaking to a fruit farmer and long term customer of ours it was surprising to learn that farmers face two basic pains.

We thought lack of water and dry spells would be a problem, but that isn’t the real worry as there’s plenty of water underground,

Bigger fears loom,

One thing that really keeps him awake at night isn’t what we expected, not in a million years.

Winter nights cause a real threat,

there’s something that could destroy crops in minutes,
Lurking in the dark,
the noise it brings can reduce a fruit farmer to tears.

And once the hailstorm starts there’s nothing you can do except hope it passes quick.

Do you know why hailstones are dangerous?

It’s simple, hail dents the fruit and if an apple is dented then it just won’t sell; it will be refused by the supermarkets,

Who wants an ugly apple?

What’s the other pain?

Well the good news is the other pain is controllable!

Pretty fruit sells if you can get it to market and that means a decent infrastructure, stable IT networks “always on” ready to give your customers what they want when they want it.

You need to have faith in your IT systems.

Now you can’t change the weather, neither can we.

But, you can change your IT support company for the better and that’s where we come in.

You might be asking what this story has to do with your business.


Here at Select Technology we spend time researching customers to find out what’s important to them.

“Now you don’t have to agree with what we say but if you did test the market and find better value, your business could improve dramatically”

When you choose Select Technology,

The last thing you need to worry about is IT and whether your IT systems will be available in the morning, leave that to us we won’t let you down that’s our promise.

Thats all from the Select Technology team.


Compare the IT Meerkat

How would you know if you’re over paying for IT support ?

Last month we saved a new client over £300 per month and provided faster SLA’s

We were pretty pleased that we were able to help and make such a difference to the business, when we initially contacted the prospect they were fairly happy that they were getting value from their incumbent IT support company, it wasn’t until we dropped in for a coffee we found that they were paying a high price for a simple reactive service, so we agreed to help out and advise the best we could.

Within a few short months we had consulted and advised for free saved the customer money, provided a proactive monitored support package, they are happy and we gained a new client and now were looking forward to a long term trusted partnership.

The big question is; how often should you compare the market? Well do you check your car insurance and utility bills every year? So why not engage with us to check you IT costs? It costs nothing to have a chat with us apart from a cuppa!

Listen we also understand that it’s  not always about money, fast response times and people that can actually talk in lay terms really make the difference too, this is also something  we really pride ourselves with, our employees and the importance of high quality customer services, we want you to let us fix your IT issues fast so you can get on with what you do best.

If you’re wondering whether you’re getting the best value for money IT service then drop us a line and we can arrange that coffee some time soon.

Thats all for today from The Select Technology Team, IT Support in and around Tunbridge Wells Kent.

Select Technology Wave Goodbye

Are you, planning an exotic break or travelling to a faraway destination for a well-earned rest this summer?

Maybe something closer to home?

One date you should be planning for is:  July 14th 2015!

And why?

Because Microsoft are pulling support on Windows Server 2003 + R2 and much like the end of Windows XP there will be no more patches or updates  for those customers, which means exposure to vulnerabilities and attack.

We think a migration to new technology is top of the list for hot destinations for the summer 2015, most of our customers have already prepared themselves for the switch-over, so don’t get left behind, drop us a line today to find out how to protect your business in the most cost effective way.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that it really doesn’t have to cost the earth while in paradise.

Join Select Technology with packing the Server suitcase and waiving goodbye to Microsoft Windows Server 2003.


That’s all for today…

From the Select Technology Team.

IT Support Kent, Select Technology become ISO 9001standard accredited

Select Technology are delighted to announce their latest accreditation, which sets us apart from many other independent IT re sellers. The ISO certification is a recognised benchmark of quality management principles, with a strong customer focus. The ISO9001 certification standard provides guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

At Select Technology, we have always had a core focus on customer service and maintaining client relationships to our greatest ability. We achieve this by ensuring that our internal processes are monitored and improved on an ongoing basis.

By attaining the ISO 9001 certification, Select Technology have proven that their internal management systems and processes have been independently audited by an accredited certification body and found to be conforming to the ISO global set of standards.

Along with our HP Gold Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner statuses, the ISO9001 certification enhances our commitment to our clients to offer not only excellent account management and technical service, but to also ensure that our delivery of customer experience exceeds expectations and retains our growing loyal customer base.

Server Monitoring- Keeping I.T Cool

Server Monitoring- Keeping I.T CoolThis spring has already delivered some fantastically hot days, with summer rapidly on its way. As much as we all love the sunshine, it does raise some issues on how best to monitor and protect your server and network infrastructure in environments where heat and humidity can put your business at risk.


The two main focus areas should be prevention and awareness.Awareness is crucial. Having an air conditioning unit fail and only finding out when the server goes offline because its overheating, can cost a business thousands in lost revenues and downtime. A server can overheat in a matter of minutes if the environment around changes drastically.Do as much as possible to ensure your environment is adequately ventilated and cooled. If anything should happen, how soon will you become aware of the problem?By investing in environmental monitoring equipment for your server infrastructure, any changes to humidity, temperature, etc can be monitored and notifications sent to the relevant person to take preventative action before disaster strikes.To discuss how Select Technology can help with monitoring your server environment, contact us today.

Is your data as Nimble as your competitors

With data still growing at exponential rates, being able to access or analyze your data in the most time and cost efficient manner, can result in either huge rewards or losses when compared against your competitors. Flash based storage offers measurable performance benefits over spindle based storage and can give you a leading edge in competitive situations.

Select Technology are pleased to announce Nimble Storage, the market leaders in flash storage, as the latest addition to our storage portfolio. Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform dynamically and intelligently deploys storage resources to meet the growing demands of business-critical applications and is the first storage solution to eliminate the flash performance and capacity trade off.

By adding Nimble Storage to our portfolio, we can offer a full complement of storage offerings for any size company or storage scenario.

To discuss your storage requirements drop us a line today.

Windows XP

Can you believe Windows XP is over 12 years old?  Released in 2001 and used by millions it is arguably Microsoft’s most successful operating systems to date, it will certainly be the end of an era when support is finally ended for it on 8th April 2014.  From an IT Support perspective there will of course be concerns when this day finally comes.  Apart from no product support and inevitable future product incompatibilities, the biggest risk from continuing to use XP after support ends is due to windows security updates ceasing to be released.  Without regular security patching, Windows XP could become an easy target for hackers and other malicious activity.  For business users we would always recommend upgrading desktop operating systems before support ends.

Come and say hello, we are on Stand 119 at the Kent Showground, Detling.

The Kent 2020 Event is on tomorrow, Thursday 25th April, at the Kent Showground, Detling.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand, 119. Come and meet our team and try your luck at our competition, you could win either a £100 Red Letter voucher, £50 Capital Bonds shopping vouchers or a bottle of champagne.

If you are unable to make the show but would like to know more about Select Technology and what we have to offer then give us a call on 01892 830111 or visit our website, www.itsupport.co.uk.

We are based in Paddock Wood in Kent and have been established since 1994.