Don’t Read Boring IT Blogs

IT Blogs are really boring.

Why do we find them boring?

The same reasons as you find them boring. Lots of waffle about new technology, new operating systems, new this, new that, new, new, new. Blah blah blah.

What does this all mean to you?

It’s means brain shut down, computer malfunction!

Do you really want to know about every new bit of technology that arrives on the scene every day?

No, we thought not.


Here’s an interesting story for you:

Henry ford was no doubt a very successful businessman and the richest man in America at his peak. He was so passionate about his business of producing affordable cars for the American middle class, that he revolutionized the transportation industry.

Ford was once taken to court, accused of being an ignorant man. Whilst under cross examination, Ford was asked a series of random general knowledge questions and after a while he became bored of answering and asked

“What does this have to do with me being ignorant? If I need the answer to any questions that are not my main focus, which is providing affordable transportation, then I have a number of buttons on my desk to which I can summon the right person for my workforce that can answer the question”

Now will you tell me what I’ve done wrong or let me carry on about my business?”

The court fell silent and the case was dismissed.

Select Technology should be your go to “Technology button”. We understand the importance of keeping you operational and not trying to teach you mindless irrelevant information.

Have a great weekend.

What will you tell your Insurance company when they ask about Business Continuity?

You, the small business owner have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, don’t you?

It’s the day after all hell has broken loose and something unexpected went pear shaped. Now you sit there and try to figure things out as you question how everything you put your heart and soul into over the years no longer exists.

What will you tell your business partners, or your friends and family?

What will you tell the insurance company?

Where do you turn from here?

 Fortunately this situation is 100% avoidable, if you take action.

If you have a plan, then we salute you, as you are part of a minority that has a priority.

If you don’t have a plan and want to join those that understand the importance of this kind of service, then do it today, don’t wait until tomorrow.

Speak to your IT support provider today and if they cannot help you then we can!

We have a full range of disaster recovery and business continuity services to ensure you have one less thing to worry about tonight.

So to recap:

  • Decide how much downtime your business can afford
  • Talk with your managed services provider to formulate a plan
  • If you do nothing else, ensure you have a decent backup
  • Speak to us if you’re still unsure about protecting your business

Pop over here and fill out the enquiry form so we can come back to you with some free impartial advice.


Dial 01892 830110 to come through directly to the accounts team today.


Beware of the Bandits

Do you remember the film “Time Bandits”?

It’s a classic fantasy adventure from 1981 where a little boy, Kevin, gets swept away with his imagination. Kevin’s obsessed with history and gets pretty much ignored by his parents.

Anyway, to cut a long short Kevin gets a visit one night from a horseman followed by six dwarfs who take him through his wardrobe into a different time and space.

Kevin ends up travelling back through time, all the time being watched by an evil supreme being.

So you might be wondering why we are talking about this and what it has to do with business?



It’s one of the most important things you should spend wisely, as you know time is important to your operations whatever your business activities.

One mistake many small businesses make is that they try to take on too much and understand too many things that possibly are not relevant to their business.

For example, trying to understand your IT systems?

Why would you want to do that? it’s much more cost effective to leave it to the experts like us.

Kevin’s obsession for knowledge and understanding of past history ultimately got him in trouble, because he wanted to know too much and he ended up going backwards in time rather than making progress.

Which lead to his parents going up in smoke at the end of the movie.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out technical problems. You have better things to do! Place your trust in the experts who do have the time and the knowledge.

That’s all for today.

What not to test on your network

Back in 2011, Amazon plunged into darkness, which saw the web services offline for 4 days!

Just before Amazon went offline, Alan and his team of IT specialists were seen entering the server room with Styrofoam cups of warm coffee, along with Alan’s dog, ‘Zippy’, a little brown sausage dog.

Shortly after, all hell breaks loose. Now, no one really knows what went on that day, but Zippy came out with his tail between his legs.

No doubt this had a massive knock on effect to their customers.

When this kind of thing happens, what can you do?

Downtime is inevitable.

All you can do is shut the door and hope your customers can weather the storm with you.

4 days is a long time. Could your business cope with that amount of downtime?

Outages, downtime and performance problems can be seriously reduced if you just follow some simple steps.


99.9% uptime still equates to around 8 hours a year downtime.

So how can it be reduced?

Human error has a lot of answer for. Your IT strategy should always include change management; understanding the implications of change on a live network is critical.

We see a lot of performance problems which are just configuration errors and, yes, sometimes an inexperienced in house engineer pulls the wrong network cable.

Don’t let the worry of downtime get you down. By using fully skilled Microsoft certified engineers and specialists like Select Technology, You ensure human error is minimised.

And as for Alan and Zippy …. well that would of been a great story wouldn’t it.


Give us a shout today if you’re concerned about downtime and we will help you plan for the future.


That’s all from

Select Technology

Would you benefit from 100% off of your IT support Costs?


What do you prefer?

Costa coffee or Starbucks?

They both do a great cup of coffee but we prefer our local costa In Paddock Wood Kent. The staff are warm, friendly and always happy to see us. This is because we spend good money with them, but there’s something else that keep us coming back.

We think.

It’s our voucher card, we all love getting those stamps and enjoying that free coffee once we fill up the boxes.

How good does that free coffee taste?

Here at Select Technology, we are always pushing the boundaries, but this time we may have gone a little too far but we think you deserve it.


To show our customers and potential customers that we really care, we have put together a slick new referral scheme that could mean you receive completely free support from us.

We hear you say ” There’s no such thing as a free lunch”  and that’s almost true until now.

If you are already a customer or thinking about becoming a customer, you should make full use of our referral scheme which is so simple anyone can do it.

In short, Select Technology offer a healthy and generous lump sum discount from your monthly or annual support cost when we sign a new customer referred by you.

This is just one of the ways we like to say thank you.


That’s all for today
The Select Technology Team.


PS. You will be really surprised by the amount we are offering back, we cannot disclose it here so give us a call on 01892 830 111 now and we will let you in on the news.

Hi I’m Guy, I’m an internet addict!

Is the internet as addictive as Cigarettes and Alcohol?

New reports suggest this may well be the case.

Over half of us could not bear a day in the office without the internet. We are massive consumers of information, we spend hours and hours filling our minds with new and exciting content.

We were even reading somewhere that the internet actually has a weight and that it’s the same as an egg.

Imagine that.

The internet has become so intrinsic to business and life in such a short space of time.

Without searching the internet, could you name the creator of the internet?

No, we couldn’t either.

Whatever you do, we’re sure there’s not many businesses out there that can operate now without technology and that means you need a company like Select Technology, who have the Knowledge and skills to keep you ahead of the game.

Having a good web filtering platform in place is something every business should have. There are many good options out there and choosing the right one is a minefield on its own.

There are many benefits to web filtering, including boosting employee productivity, which means your business can make more sales in the long run.
That’s all for today and the week

Have a great weekend.

The Select Technology Team

At Last! Select Technology answer your important questions.

It’s Q&A time.

Below is some information you might find interesting.

A few days ago we posted about the fear of change which prompted a few questions.


Here are some real questions we come across on a regular basis from businesses in Kent and the surrounding areas, hopefully you will find them helpful.


Question #1


“So what’s the lead time and process for becoming a support customer with Select?”



“Well, once the proposal is agreed it couldn’t be easier, we follow an on-boarding process which will mean you are supported from day one while we work away in the background collecting important server and network information, your staff have full access to our Helpdesk from the start.”


Question #2


“Thats sounds great, but what about dealing with our incumbent support provider.”


“No problem, as part of our process we can liaise directly with your incumbent to ensure we have all the information we require, we will even go as far as dealing with your incumbent, giving notice on your authority so that changing support provider is as painless as possible for you.”


Last Question


“Okay thats sounds great, so you take all the worries away about moving over to Select Technology?”


“Yes, it really is that easy and we will also deal any 3rd party suppliers setting up everything as you would expect, so from a user experience everything stays the same apart from the support contact details your staff need to contact us.”


Thats all for today,


The Select Technology Team


Who’s got your Backup today?

Are your business files backed up?

Are you 100% sure?


Here’s a little story from some time ago which will only take a few minutes to read while you’re drinking your morning coffee, so enjoy.

We were speaking with a new prospect a really nice guy with a locally based firm in Tunbridge Wells Kent.

As far as the prospect was concerned all of his IT requirements were covered, we offered a health check anyway at no cost to ensure he was getting value for money from his Incumbent support provider.

To be fair the systems seemed to run good so there wasn’t any real cause for concern, when we look at the backup however we noticed some irregularities and asked about the backup procedure and disaster recovery plans.

The customer was pleased to say that the tape pops out every morning which he rotates and walks the successful backup off sight and locks it in a safe in another building.

He wasn’t so pleased when we explained and showed him that he hadn’t actually had a successful backup for 18 months (Ironically since his new server was installed by his IT guy).


He had been locking up a blank

tape for the last 18 months

in the offsite safe


At first he was embarrassed then angry, before realisation set in, that had something serious of gone wrong then he wouldn’t have a business.

As you can see,

It’s so important to have good monitoring in place, get your IT team to regularly test the backup because backups fail all the time but if you have a proactive approach then you mitigate the risks.

Here a Select technology we always have your Back …. UP …. and a good copy.

Thats all for today.




Select superstars do the impossible


Did you know?

For over a hundred years nobody was able to run a mile in under four minutes.

Everybody thought it was impossible,


Rodger Bannister did it.

In the year that followed dozens of people followed Bannister and did the impossible 4 minute mile.


Once you open 

your mind to the possibilities, 

things become easy


Sailors once thought the world was flat and dared not sail too close to the horizon for fear of falling off of the earth – and now we laugh at the thought!



Whats the message here and how does it relate to business?


Market research shows us that tech companies are thought of as difficult to deal with and poor communicators, Select Technology is now raising that limiting belief.

We have invested and continue to invest in the ‘best of the best’ and provide on-going training in soft skills and communications, it’s our belief that these soft skills are just as important as having great technical ability.

Communication and soft skills are key in providing high level managed services and IT Support and thats why we never leave you in the dark, whether you’re talking to one of our technical engineers, senior account manager or sales admin team.

We’re promoting Select Superstars and doing the impossible.

By blending superior technical managed services with unparalleled customer service, we are the ‘go to’ company of choice.

Business’s in Kent and surrounding areas are continuing to benefit from our vision of success, as our managed service portfolio grows be sure to get in on the action.


Thats all for today -

The Select Technology Team.